FIDE FORUM is a community of practice of Financial Institutions Directors in Malaysia. To-date, we represent 83% of the FIs in Malaysia. FIDE FORUM initiatives are guided by 3 key strategic thrusts, including:
1)    Board Engagement where we strengthen the relationship among Members and between Members and Regulators such as BNM, PIDM and SC; 
2)    Board Know-how where we broaden the knowledge of our Members through thought leadership and keeping them abreast with the latest development in the industry; and 
3)    Board Services where we provide value added and competitive services to our members to enhance overall board effectiveness.
We are pleased to announce that FIDE FORUM is now providing Board Effectiveness Evaluation (“BEE”) Services to our Members at members price to support the implementation of our BEE approach. On top of BEE, FIDE FORUM also provides Directors Register Services to assist our Members in sourcing for Board-ready talent and Board Succession Planning Services. 

FIDE FORUM is for the members, by the members. 


Institute of Compliance Professional Indonesia is a professional association that consists of experts in the field of compliance and aims to encourage business practices compliant with laws and regulations and to promote business practices compliant with applicable laws and regulations.